Notes to Self:

1. Next time I buy a house, find out where the water meter is, and the main water shut off to the house. It’s not fun looking for these items in 16 F weather in the snow with a strange man from the Alderwood water district at 11pm in the evening.

2. When it snows or the temperature drops below freezing, make sure that all exposed water pipes are well insulated and keep a faucet dripping to ensure water flow at all times.

3. Make sure to unhook all hoses from outside faucets and put insulated covers on the faucets.

4. Don’t by an old house, no matter how adorable it is or how much you love it. Go for the ugly split level or the cookie cutter cottage house. Much more practical in Freak Snowstorms.

5. Always make a snowman of some kind when it snows. Even if it’s 2 feet tall.


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