I just got an email from the past today!

FutureMe.org allows you to write emails to yourself and send them into the future.

Here is the email I received.

Merry Christmas!

Dear FutureMe,
Remember that no matter what your life is adventure. I sure hope you
have met the man of my dreams, but if you haven’t, don’t ever give up. He is out


I agree that it’s not the most exciting email I have ever sent, but it really was fun to find waiting for me in my inbox! I think I will write another one to myself.


3 thoughts on “

  1. That’s fun! I remember when I first found that. Onto other news:I began reading The History of Love. By page 13 I had already laughed a ton (out loud), and cried a bit (watery eyes, at least). Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. Do you have to call yourself “FutureMe”? Doesn’t it make you feel kind of like a doppelganger for talking in both the second and first person voice?

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