A Great Christmas Memory 2006…

I was in Downtown Seattle, Christmas shopping with a friend. We stopped by a Starbucks to get a peppermint hot chocolate and saw a young man with handwritten sheet music. He was obviously composing something original, because as he was reading the sheet music, he would direct the orchestra he was hearing in his head. I could not stop staring at him, just stood there in shock.

Beautiful to see an artist at work.

Only after he left, did my friend and I realize that we should have asked him what he was writing.


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  1. You’ve actually posted post-Christmas. Something our other HS-ians have failed to do. And when I say failed, I mean flayed.I keep thinking that I’ll start my own. I realize that the one blog I check religiously (id est, multiple times per day) is a blog containing less than 5% personal information. He’s always talking about someone else which makes him all the more interesting. Maybe I’m too self-absorbed for a blog.Maybe this comment reveals that. Maybe we should all listen to more Sinatra.

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