A Start to the New Year

At the beginning of each new year my church has a tradition of fasting and praying for a week. I did not join in last year, because I was visiting my friends in Switzerland, so this year I am actually excited about joining in.

There is quite the art for fasting. Here are a few things of noteworthy attention:

Yesterday I discovered a smoothie that tastes like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Today, I realize that I notice when people are chewing. It’s quite distracting.

The key is to drink a lot. Keep the pee clear. If that’s happening, the fasting becomes easy.

I will be glad for tomorrow, because on the third day, usually the hunger pains go away.

Make plans to break the fast with a bunch of friends, but becareful of the fare you choose to eat. I do not recommend eating cheesecake, unless you want horrible stomach pains. Usually soup and bread are the best option.


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  1. water is nothing more than melted ice. juice is nothing more than mashed up fruitwhat’s a smoothie made of? ice and fruit!so there.

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