Adventure in the Big Apple
–Day One

Arriving at Newark Airport and taking the train to Penn Station, I walked into an underground station of people, stores, and signs. Sorting out which direction to go took a little figuring, but in the end, I found the subway, bought a pass and shoved my bags through the turnstile along with myself.

No amount of TV or movies can prepare a person for that first glimpse of Times Square. It’s like Vegas on Steroids. Walking down W 42nd with my bags, stars in my eyes and mouth open must have been a sight. Luckily, everyone else down there was a tourist, so I fit right in.

I met Vanessa in our Hotel, The Times Square Westin, 720 W 43rd, and we made our plan.

Subway to 14th, Jackson Square. A few blocks to 8th Ave, W 4th and Jane to the Corner Bistro. A cash only, wait in line through the restaurant. After pigging out on Bacon Burgers and Fries served on little paper trays, we went back to Times Square to the W hotel. The Blue Fin is a great little posh place where we had a drink. I had something called Summer Splash…I think that’s the name.

Day 2: (ok, since I am a little behind. we are resorting to the bullet point method here)

  • Grand Central Station
  • MOMA
  • Rockerfeller Center
  • 5th Ave shopping: H&M, Zara
  • Virgil’s BBQ: met some coworkers for BBQ Nachos, Brisket & Chicken and a Chocolate Cake

Day 3

  • Guggenheim Museum
  • Central Park: Belvedere Castle
  • Chelsea: Bravo Pizza
  • Union Square: I found the coolest Barnes ever!
  • Flatiron Building
  • Nolita: Stanton Public to watch the 24 Premiere with V and Dave Rogers. Our own little private room downstairs with food and drinks. A swell evening NYC style

Day 4

  • 5th Ave: MAC. Got my eyes done.
  • SOHO: Le Petit Cafe (eggplant salad and a cappuccino), Marie Belle Chocolates, Ana Sui
  • East Village: Veneiro’s (Probably the best Italian pastry shop in NYC, IMHO. –well considering its my first time, that probably doesn’t mean much, but a native suggested it to me and it was well worth the trek
  • Greenwich Village: St. Mark’s church with a creepy “jesus” character in a shift dancing outside to a boombox. Yes. I have pictures….


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  1. Jenny! I miss you and can’t wait to see the pics. New York is one of my short term goals. Go see the Scarlett Pimpernal and give him an anonymous “admiration” letter from me. I know he is real, but haven’t had the chance to go to New York and meet him personally.-Your Ex, C

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