Having a V-day in the middle of what is called “comprehensive exam week” is a nice distraction. Getting flowers, a free lunch, a package full of candy, encouragement and a target card is keeping me sane.

What is comprehensive exam week?

Its kinda like being in junior high PE, waiting to be picked for a team… will I be on the A team or the B team?

A pass/fail exam that consists of:
1. 20-25 scholarly paper on recent changes which affect communication in my chosen area of focus
2. 5 page personal theology of communication paper
3. 2-4 page workshop outline

Timeline: one week to complete.

Oh. Why am I doing this? Ah, well for the partial fulfillment of a Master’s Degree in Communication.


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  1. there’s a dump truck load of GRACE just for you Jen! I can hear the “beep … beep… beep” backing up to be loaded off for you right now!!! :>) Happy V-day and happy writing! In a couple of years, you’ll be so glad you completed your Masters NOW! love ya! Rach

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