The Top Ten of the Top 1000 Titles Owned by Libraries

How does this list compare to my library?

1. Bible–own and read
2. US Census–do not own and will never read
3. Mother Goose–do not own but have read
4. Divine Comedy–own but only partially read
5. Odyssey–own but not read
6. Illiad–own but not read
7. Huckleberry Fin–own and read
8. Lord of the Rings–own and read
9. Hamlet–own and read
10. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland–own and read

Own: 8 out of 10
Read: 5 out of 10

I guess I have a little reading to do, before continuing on to the rest of the thousand…


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  1. Hi Jen. I heard that you put the American Express ad in your purse, then was sick on Sunday. Good try for trying!And I hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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