Bed of Roses? Perhaps.

There are 2 weddings and 5 baby arrivals coming up this year, and who knows how many in the near future. I look at these facts, and realize I am not directly involved with any of these events. Then I think about how I am just finishing up graduate school and realize in the total wisdom of the sovereignty of God. How in the world would I have ever been able to complete grad school with either a man or baby in my life? Would I be able to pick up and go to weddings in various US states if I was married? Probably not.

Why not enjoy the NOW, instead of moping around for the future? Anyways, who knows what the future holds? It won’t be all roses as I am pretty sure there will be a few thorns which I will encounter along the way. That’s life. And so why not enjoy this veritable flower bed I am living in right now?


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