Can I just take a minute to complain?

I am not sure who to blame for this, but every time I do a good job on a project at work, I seem to create more work for myself.

Case #1: I help out one of the managers schedule some interviews and now I am in charge of scheduling ALL the interviews for ALL the mangers.

Case #2: I take some data, throw it into a spreadsheet and all of a sudden I am the Excel expert. I think I make or create a new spreadsheet for this or that pet project everyday now.

Case #3: I organize a little holiday party, and now I am the Event Planner?

And I took this job because I thought I would just sit out front playing “pretend” security guard, answering a phone that never rings.


I think my job title should read:

Jennifer Staab
Senior Administrative Assistant/HR assistant/Accounting and Payroll Assistant/Scheduler/Event Planner/General All Around Go To Whenever You Don’t Want To Do That Project Yourself


2 thoughts on “

  1. i would like to comment, yet words somehow don’t seem adequate in this situation. may i just say amen. or perhaps, i feel your pain. i am always torn between volunteering to do projects, and pretending like i don’t know what to do…it is too late now though. everyone knows i am the all around go-to girl/gopher/assistant/bookkeeper/powerpoint expert/excel spreadsheet prodigy/etc. etc. etc.!

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