Reese’s Pieces

In 3rd grade, I used to buy these everyday at the school store. I ate them so much that by the time I reached 4th grade I was so sick of them that I couldn’t eat them for years. So, from their website I gather that the birthday of Reese’s Pieces was in 1978.

I’m older than this candy?!


I’m ancient.

You might argue that the reason I liked Reese’s so much in 3rd grade was because it was ET’s favorite candy. However, I did not see the movie ET until the late 90s, so that’s not it at all. Acutally, my friend Sally, whose opinion was the one that mattered in 1983, said it was her favorite, so it became mine defacto.

Did I even use that term properly?


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  1. Jen you are outta control! I only visit this site every once in a while and it is always a delight. You are ancient… 🙂

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