Dreams About Me

Occasionally, I get these phone calls or emails from someone saying, “I had the craziest dream about you last night.” Invariably they are the same, involving me, some guy I am about to marry and some other kind of shenanigans.

Not today. I did get an email, but the dream is worth repeating because it’s probably the most hilarious, at least today, thing ever. The dreamer’s name will remain anonymous, but it is worth mentioning that she is prego.

So, I dreamt last night that you were taking these vitamins that made your nose
hairs grow at insanely fast rates. Like long and curled up and over your
nose…sticking out and AWFUL…RREALLY BAD!!!

You were at a loss at
what to do about it because you couldn’t groom them fast enough b/f they grew

In a moment of sadness, you went to “wander” through Wall
Mart. You’d heard that the only thing I’d craved so far is Sweet Tarts, but that
I wouldn’t allow myself any, so you thought it would be “really funny” to make
me MASSIVE Easter basket full of every type of Sweet Tart imaginable b/c
you wanted to be the person that made me give into my craving. You put this big
basket together and brought it to me on Easter Sunday. You were SO excited!
BUT…you left your nose hair trimmer that you’d found at Wall Mart in the basket
and were so embarrassed. But it was a special one that only Wall Mart carried to
“radically remove” those “pesky” nose hairs. Ha!

Then I woke up.

Any interpretations?


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