Lone Star State

I went to Mandy’s wedding this weekend in San Antonio and now am staying with Jenny and Anthony in Dallas. I hope to post some pictures soon, but I am on a Mac at the moment and I don’t know if I can use a usb stick between a PC and a Mac. I will post some pictures ASAP because you NEED to see them.

I just want to say that anyone who knows Mandy, you sure did miss a great party. Everything was absolutely gorgeous, including the bride. And did I mention that you all missed great party too? Texans sure know how to have fun!

San Antonio is a very special place. It’s very happy, and it seems like Cinco De Mayo is 365 days a year. The River Walk is probably one of the coolest places I have been in a while. There is a path that runs all along the San Antonio River in the downtown area, with restaurants, fountains, shops, large trees, old bridges and the like. The Mission where Mandy was married is about 300 years old and absolutely amazing. I also saw the Alamo, but it was closed and I couldn’t go through it. According to one Texan I met, it is quite the spiritual experience. I would love to come back here and spend some quality time. And I have said nothing about the food. All I can say is that I am eating enough to keep me going through the fasting period that begins on Monday! Yummy!!


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