Baking In Orlando… The movie title for my life this week

I have spent the past few days cooking to a nice melted mush in a large expo hall at the OCCC in Orlando. Let me try to describe the feeling of being cooped up in a huge hall with no AC in hot, humid Florida.

First, all you smell is stale BO and electricity (yes, electricity has a smell, especially when you have about 1,500 or more computers running). Then from 7:30 am to 9 or 10 at night, you feel like someone poured syrup all over you and then wouldn’t let you take a bath. Lastly, everything you do, must be done twice or even three times. Fresh air? What’s that?

That’s pretty much it.

And its been really hard to keep up with the 40 day fast that I wanted to join in on. REALLY HARD. Ah well, at least I get to hang with about 200 MCs, my TSG peeps and receive a nice FAT paycheck at the end. Not to mention the obstacle course. I think some of my ex coworkers might remember this about the convention center here.

Did I mention the TORNADO WATCH that’s goin’ on for this area?

I miss Seattle. I love where I live.


They turned the AC on in here and it’s pumping in over the help desk and now it’s actually FREEZING in here. I think that they have temperature issues here. I’m going to need to bring my parka tomorrow.

and can i just say that Plantain Chips are delicious and tasty?


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  1. i miss seattle too.wait, not yet. but one day i will. when i live there. and when i have to leave the city for something. then i’ll miss it.

  2. sorry, i should clarify. i am trying to do a modified fast for 40 days… no meat, sugar, etc… but its pretty much down the drain at this point.

  3. hi jen! i just thought i’d drop you a comment that lets me say that i’ll be home and will see you soon! like, really soon. are there any random guests sleeping in my room right now? do we have a dog? also: today i played volleyball on the hilly green swiss countryside with french and sweizer deutsch speaking people. it was a great time. love, jessica

  4. Oh my … I used to have plantain chips in India OFTEN. There, we bought them from street vendors, still warm from the deep fryer. mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm And I agree, after living in various parts of the world… there is no where better than the great northwest. Home Sweet Home.

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