oddness and the internet

this week i realized an odd coincidence. three of my favorite bloggers are named joshua. of course i don’t really know much about them, except one married my good friend mandy, one lives in NYC, and one is a nomad who will live in seattle for a time.

well, so what’s the coincidence? not only are they interesting bloggers and are all named joshua, but at the same time… they all posted about their birthdays within 3 days of each other, like one right after the other.

i dont know why i think that is interesting. am i just shallow? or maybe im not so interesting myself so i feel like i have to latch on to internet personalities. or maybe i just want to go home for the day.

but anyway, here’s a little advertisement for their blogs.

Letter From Abroad

The Very Daily Weblog of Joshua Blakenship

love in the key of longbrake


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