Birthday Phone Calls

I know that for me, one of my favorite parts of having a birthday is all the phone calls I get. It makes me feel so loved and popular when my friends and family call me and sing silly renditions of happy birthday.

Yesterday was my birthday.

And I got lots of phone calls.


I was stuck in rehearsals all day for a BABO (big ass breakout) at WPC in Denver doing backstage technical support–Low lights, headsets, producer calling the show, etc… So, I couldn’t answer my phone even though I knew that people were calling ME!

Thank God for voice mail. And thank you to everyone who left me messages yesterday and yes, I forgive you if you didn’t call me. I’m sure you had a very good reason. I wouldn’t have answered anyway.


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  1. Happy Birthday Jen! Rather than calling you on your birthday, I left you a message right now on your blog. I am so blessed by your life. You are an amazing women: intelligent, talented, hard-working, funny, creative, and really beautiful. Hope your day was good. Love, Jess

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