Too Many Books?

Is there such a thing? I usually would say no, no never. However, yesterday after shifting a bunch of things around in the house to make room for two more roomates, and seeing the piles of books on my floor, making it near impossible to nagivate through my room, I began to wonder if I just might have too many. I don’t want to put them in boxes, hidden away. I don’t want to sell them. I want to keep them and keep them in plain sight. I really need a library, but at the moment rent money looks more attractive than me having a room for my books, so I guess in piles they will stay.


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  1. Never too many books – much to my husband’s dismay. I have had to resort to boxing up some of them, though… oh the pain! But – it’s only temporary. Soon we’ll have another room above our garage… I’m going to call it the “Library” and I’m going to have lots of bookshelves. :>)

  2. Girl I can totally relate… its the game of ever shifting books I tell ya. I try to move them, pack them up, and the problem is I just keep buying more. They are overflowing out of bookcases, and paper sacks, the floor is covered with them. Oh the love of books!!

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