Things of Note:

First Class by David Wagoner

A play about Theodore Roethke, famous poet and UW prof playing at the ACT theatre. David Wagoner wrote this play about his poetry teacher, and David Wagoner was my poetry teacher. I think I need to go see it.

Zig Zag Cafe

Apparently very famous because of their bartender Murray Stenson. I didn’t get Murray as my bartender, but the gentleman took my drink order (Maiden’s Blush–a recommended drink from my coworker Myles) with no problem, even though later he informed me that it was a very obscure drink from the Savoy Hotel in the 30’s. It was tasty.


One thought on “

  1. Wow. I’ve known Murray for a few years now, met him there at Zig Zag, and infinitely impressed by his bar tending skillz… but had no idea his fame had spread far and wide.My first visit to ZZ, I was there with a girlfriend and we sat at the bar. I forget what I drank (not a big drinker, probably some “sissy” thing). Chatted with Murray about restaurants and whatnot (I was managing a downtown restaurant at the time). My next visit was probably a month later, and it was a busy, busy night. I couldn’t even see the bar — let alone who was bartending — for all the people clustered there and everywhere. It took me a minute to find a table, a single in the back corner.As I sat down, a server shwooshed by and wordlessly deposited a drink on my table — the same drink I’d had my first visit. I shit you not. The place was JAMMED with people, yet Murray had somehow seen me, remembered my drink, and got it out to me in, like, 90 seconds.Amazing. More amazing than it sounds.Since then I try to drop by when downtown, although I haven’t hit the Zag for over a year. I heard Murray had moved on to some 5-star restaurant, and if so, richly deserved.

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