Instructions for making a Perfect Cup of Tea

I have been accused by my roommate of being ungrateful for her help in making a cup of tea for me, because I once told her that the tea she had just made me was undrinkable. And I poured it out in the sink and then proceeded to make another cup.

This point comes up often in our relationship, but I guess it’s good to have that one point of contention. She won’t let me now make her a cup of coffee, more out of principle, I think than my lack of ability, as I do feel I make a pretty good cup of Joe.

But onto the main point.

To make a cup of perfect tea:

1. pour cold water into a tea kettle and begin to heat.
2. set out tea cup ( a tea cup is better than a mug, but a mug will also do).
3. Pull out a Tetley tea bag, but do not place in cup yet.
4. When water is boiling, pour a small amount into the bottom of the tea cup and swirl around (this warms the cup to welcome the tea).
5. pour out the water.
6. put tea bag in the cup and pour BOILING water over until about and inch from the top of the cup (BOILING).
7. let sit for about 2-3 minutes (with Tetley, I think 2 minutes is best). Do not stir, strain or move the teabag around. Just let it steep.
8. Take out tea bag.
9. Put in one teaspoon sugar (optional).
10. pour in a small amount of milk (the best is 1%) so that the color of the tea is a brown color. Not too dark and not too light, kind of a beige color. Not taupe, but beige.
11. drink and enjoy!


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  1. Jen I’m so glad you outlined these steps to tea making like this. Before I had some thoughts about you being really hard to please, maybe a little like the Japanese chef on Food Network who watches as contestants filet fish and then tells them: “And so basically, you have no knife skills.” Then I thought I wouldn’t try anything culinary for you again.But now I see if I will guard the tea timing and find that nuance of beige my tea can win your delight. Only I’ll have to tell you my coffee recipe sometime before I’ll drink yours. It’s like 18 steps.

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