Auralia’s Colors at Third Place Books

Tonight, I went to a book signing at Third Place Books by Jeffrey Overstreet for his new fantasy novel, Auralia’s Colors. I have been reading his blog since the spring, and have enjoyed his perspective on film, music and writing. Even though we went to the same high school, I didn’t really know him, so it was interesting to meet him in person. I always wonder if someone is the same in real life as they are on the internet, and he does seem to be the same person. I think he is doing, actually living out what many of us have been talking about wanting to do which is: adding to the conversation in our culture through writing, bringing meaning and beauty. Thank you Jeffrey for an enjoyable evening.

Oh, and I love Auralia’s Colors and highly recommend it!

And, one more thing… I saw my Senior year English teacher Mr. D. at the book signing. I said hello, but realized that 15 years later, I am still tongue tied when trying to talk to him! I felt like I was still 17!! I wanted to thank him for teaching me how to write a good essay. I don’t think I could have gotten the grades I did in college with out that skill. He also opened my eyes to some good poetry (red wheelbarrow) and fiction.


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  1. Jennifer,Thanks so much for coming to the reading. It was great to meet you and your friend. And I’m so glad you liked the book. Keep in touch. (Gosh, that sounds like something we used to write in other people’s yearbooks…. Sorry.)Jeffrey

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