Monday Musing

What, if anything, am I leaving behind? Am I just drifitng through life, a wanderer, with no destination? There is nothing with wandering, just as long as there is a destination, a place to end. As Bilbo Baggins wrote about Strider, “Not all who wander are lost.” At the end, what will be left of my life, my few years here on earth?

Sometimes, I wonder what would happen to my blog if I all of a sudden died or went into a coma. How long would my words stay frozen here on the internet. Would Blogger turn off my account after a certain time? Or would my blog just stay up indefinately?

On another note, I really like sitting in front of my fire, the wood crackling nicely, with Sigur Ros playing in the background. Even though my house will smell like a campfire afterwards. (The wood is still a bit damp).


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  1. Am I the 15,0001?You should write as much as possible. . .even if nobody but you reads it. Because, someday, perhaps 500 years from now, somebody will read it.Unless you build a marble house or a pyramid, your words will pretty much be only what people will remember of you.

  2. I disagree with Jason (respectfully). People will remember you in your kids and all the people you affect with the spirit of your life Jen. Your words may carry eternal quality, but so will the hearts that you write your life on. Which is a lot.

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