I like getting dirty. This is a little secret of mine. I love being dirty. It is one of my favorite things. I even like getting into fresh clean sheets with dirty feet. I love the smell of dirt, mud, sweat and slime. It reminds me of being a kid and looking for tadpoles in the small ponds around my house, climbing the tallest most pitch filled evergreen I could find in my dress, and riding my bike for hours, rain or shine.

Whenever I have children, I will let them get dirty. I won’t shelter them from the pleasures of jumping in mud puddles. I won’t try to keep their noses clean. I will probably join them out on the mud field playing soccer or football.

I like being dirty. Is this a crime?


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  1. We used to take these middle school students on a retreat that culminated on an afternoon full of games in a huge mud pit. What true delight. :-)Started comps today . . . little crazy. Been thinking of you a lot. What’s this about a final project??? I thought you were done? :-(Hope you’re doing well all together!

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