Bad News, well sorta.

So, we had this windstorm in Seattle last weekend…

And at first I was nervous because last year all my fences blew down. But the day after the storm, I looked out the window and my yard looked clear! I was so happy! I told everyone and went on my merry way.

Oh but little did I know…

Tonight, I had to go out on my back porch. When I opened the door, I found a tree trunk in my face. My Asian Pear tree had fallen onto the house.

so sad.

The good news is that nothing got broken. The trunk hit inches from the door, the light was untouched. A small portion of the railing on my deck is broken, but from what I can tell, my roof is fine. It just looks like the tree is leaning against the roof.

I guess this means that we will have cracklin Asian Pear tree fires this winter.


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