Jen’s Hip for 2008 List

1. Tea is the new coffee.
2. Twitter is the new Facebook
3. is the new personal banker
4. Moleskine is the new spiral notebook
5. H&M is the new GAP
6. My T-mobile Windows Smart Phone is the new cubical
7. Aveeno Lip Balm is the new chapstick
8. Ipod is the new DVD player
9. Guitar Hero 3 is the new party game
10. Huckabee is the new Chuck Norris


4 thoughts on “

  1. Facebook is the new facebook. Agree with your previous comment about vegas getting old quickly. 3 days is more than enough…

  2. 8. I’m sorry but I don’t understand why people watch movies on an Ipod screen–its 100 times smaller than a television or laptop! Is it just the constant presence and power to entertain yourself, no matter where you are? Explain this to me Jen. 🙂

  3. who wants to pull out a huge bulky laptop on the airplane or even on a bus? ipod keeps it neat and tidy. plus has more space to store said movies that many laptops even have.

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