Teal Scarf

Some of my favorite gifts are things that people have made me. I have this teal crocheted scarf that one veronicam knitted me a while ago. Its really skinny and long so I can wrap it a million times around my neck. It matches everything. I can wear it pretty much anytime I feel like it. I have worn it down to the perfect softness. It’s almost like a security blanket.

I remember when she first gave it to me, she was a bit aplogetic about the length. “I’m sorry, I just kept going and I didn’t realize how long it is. And If you don’t like the color, I totally understand,” she said to me before I had even unwrapped it.

Little did she know.

If I ever lose this scarf, I will be sad. And I will promptly text or twitter her to let her know that she better have some of that yarn stashed away because I will want her to make me another.

I think I shall make her a wedding present instead of buying one.


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  1. you have made my day happier jen. i’m glad it is so loved and cared for. you have ALSO reminded me though of how i cannot even remember how to knit it’s been so long! i must practice. thank you. 🙂

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