Hotel Toiletries

I travel a lot for work. A LOT. Therefore, I spend more time in a hotel room than in my own house. There are definite problems with this, such as never being home, never seeing family and friends, etc. etc. However, one upside is all the hotels that I stay at is that I have a moonlighting career as a hotel connoisseur.

I have a very large supply of free hotel toiletries that I have accumulated. I thought it might be useful for my readers if I reviewed the various hotel products and rated them. Now, though a certain hotel might get a lower score on this little review, it does not mean that it is a bad hotel. For instance, perhaps their shampoo stinks, but their bathroom overall is amazing. But that will be explored in another blog posting.

 I decided to review 5 hotels and list them from worst to absolute best:

5. The Venetian, Las Vegas:  While The Venetian in Las Vegas is opulent in many ways, their shampoo, conditioner and hand lotions are atrocious. They smell very heavily of musk and remind me of an old man in a white suit smoking a cigar. Perhaps some of the older richer crowd appreciates this, but for me I bring my own supply when visiting this hotel.

4. Westin, Palo Alto:  The Westin is always a wonderful hotel. There are so many great things about their hotel, but their shampoo is not one of them. The packinging is very attractive, clean and modern. But open the bottle, take a whiff, and PHEW! Also a heavily perfumed product reminding me of a men’s aftershave.

3. Marriott, Berlin:  The Marriott’s products are a middle of the line product. Not heavily perfumed, actually usuable if needed, but nothing sticks out to make me want to hoard them.

2. Grand Hyatt, Seattle:  The Grand Hyatt in Seattle is one of my favorite hotels to stay in, which is good because I end up there at least twice a year for 10 days each time. I love their scents. The lemon/ginger theme is amazing. I even save the bar soap. I stock up when I am at this hotel, for those short trips when you don’t want to pack a lot of toiletries. One negative thing is that their conditioner isnt that great and doesnt really help my long hair untangle.

1. W Hotel, New York:  I personally have never gotten to stay at a W hotel, but many of my coworkers do. Whenever I hear of someone going to stay at a W, I request that they grab some of the Bliss products that they leave in the bathrooms. This stuff is absolutely amazing, so much so that I go out and purchase it for my personal use at Sephora.


8 thoughts on “Hotel Toiletries

  1. You could always do what my dad does. He is always looking for a way to save a penny and he stocks up on the little shampoos until he has enough to dump all together to fill his empty Suave bottle. Ewww!

  2. So I’ll keep this study in mind for next time I look for a hotel. What can you tell us about the quality of the linens? Also, curtain and bedspread design is really important to me, who do you like for fabric and pattern?

  3. The “Apple doesn’t fall from the tree” – I thought your dad was the only one that collected soap, shampoo & conditioner. Do you know how long it takes to empty those little shampoo bottles in a larger container after collecting shampoo in 100 days around the US?

  4. Wow jen! I have seriously been missing out. Thanks for such an informative blog. You know there are just some hotels where the products are so bad, you dont even bother removing them from the counter… Others you have to remove the products every day so the maid will make sure to re-stock.

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