My favorite season is spring. The flowers begin blooming, the leaves come back on the trees and the grass is the greenest. In Seattle, we do get a lot of rain, but in the spring, whenever the sun comes out, everything just sparkles and seems brighter. I used to be a very depressed person and the winter months would just kill me. I would mope about for most of January and February, but when March would hit and everything started blooming, my whole countenance would change.

During Springtime, I get very antsy. When I was in college, I would skip more classes than any other time of the year. Something in me just ITCHES to get out and have an adventure. I want to leave town, go somewhere, experience the new. Now that I am not in school and don’t have a spring break, I will need to make a plan for an adventure.

Perhaps another kite flying expedition. Any suggestions of good Kite Flying places in the Puget Sound?


3 thoughts on “spring

  1. I have seen people flying kites at gasworks park.

    I love Spring too…but I like it a lot better when my tulips that are trying to grow aren’t covered in snow!

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