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Last year, because of my MA studies, I was a social networking queen. Every semi-popular social networking website I signed up for and monitored. After I “finished” school, I kinda have gotten sick of most of the social networking stuff, except for Twitter and Flickr.

Yesterday, I learned about FriendFeed. This is basically an RSS feed of all your friends’ various social networking/Web 2.0 activities. Brilliant. It’s a one stop shopping for Web 2.0. No longer do you have to log in to multiple sites to see what your friends are up to. I especially like how you can have your netflix queue and your amazon wishlist in your personal RSS friendfeed. You can keep your voyeurism limited to one webpage. I defintately think that this is where the net is headed… especially if apps for this are written for mobile devices.

I just want to know now what my friends are listening to on their iPods and watching on their TVs and buying on ebay at any given moment in time.

My FriendFeed is:

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2 thoughts on “social networking/internet goodies

  1. I just can’t go with the flow you always have to be apart of the new thing! I’m listening to Kim Walker and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, I watch One Tree Hill and Desperate Housewives and the last thing I bought on ebay was a phone for Levi…

  2. FriendFeed is too 1984ish for me. Perhaps, I am paranoid.

    Just for the record, I just got outbid on 3 Armani suits, 1 Versace suit, some alligator shoes. . .but sold exactly 12 patches from my Royal Ranger days. . .and now have a migraine headache.

    I also was late for work this morning because of a nuclear-powered submarine.

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