Jakarta is unlike any city I have been in. Note the skyscrapers, the Mosque, the Pool and nine hole golf course that is attached to the hotel that surround the tin-roofed huts. Poverty and Riches right next to one another. I don’t think they have the same zoning laws that we have in the States.
(Sorry about the fuzziness of the pic, it was taken inside my hotel room and the glass is a bit fuzzy).

One thing that I love so far about being here is the great selection of tropical fruit…

Other than that, I have not seen much other than my bed and the inside of the hotel.


3 thoughts on “Jakarta

  1. Wow, that looks really pretty. But yeah, it is kind of weird that you have such varying income levels so close. It might be good for people, though, to have to see their poverty-stricken neighbors. I don’t know… that’s interesting.

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