adventures in the far east…

Last night, my coworkers convinced me to leave the hotel here in Jakarta, Indonesia to go on a little adventure. We went to a place about 10 minutes away to play some pool. As we arrived, it became quite obvious that we were the only people in this English sports “football” bar and club. The 20 staff on duty became extremely attentive even to the point of joining our game to give us a fourth person to play teams. The performing group began to sing expressly for us. We had a little audience that would clap when we made a ball in the pocket.

After playing pool for about an hour and tiring of all the attention, we decided to catch a cab home. On the way out, McDonalds caught our eye. We decide to pop in quickly and grab some American chow and I asked my coworkers to stand on the steps so I can take their picture by the McDonalds sign.

Since I am somewhat of an wanna be amatuer photographer I decide to try to get a more artsy shot with my coworkers camera, so I duck down while standing in the parking lot.


And then I realized that a car had just hit me! Sideswiped my leg and knocked me over. A very concerned face poked out the window, asking me if I am ok. In a bit of shock, I wave the lady off, saying “Yes, I’m OK! I’m OK!”

My coworkers help me to my feet and I hobble into McDonalds to sit while they get me some ice and a cheesburger.

Needless to say, I am doing much better after icing my leg, getting the “strawberry” on my knee cleaned up by the hotel and after taking some pain meds with a name I have never heard of. However, I think I will be getting some really nasty bruises in the next few days. And I made it to the keynote on time.

The show must go on.

And no, I didn’t even get the shot.



2 thoughts on “adventures in the far east…

  1. Just think, when you’re 80-years-old sitting in a rocking chair feeding pigeons overlooking Seattle Bay, you’ll look back and see the humor in this.

    (Unless you get bit by a rabid tapir)

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