growing older

of course, it all depends on your perspective, but when you go to the doctor for a yearly physical, to be poked and prodded and you leave with a recommendation to take calcium supplements every day, one can’t help but feel a little older.

I found some powder that is supposed to be unflavored that I can mix in with my juice. That really makes me feel old. At least I don’t have to take fiber supplements, at least not yet.

I am now crossing my fingers that my cholesterol comes back low. I don’t know if I want to give up my current diet just quite yet, especially since I am looking forward to some Chik-fil-A this summer in Atlanta!


3 thoughts on “growing older

  1. Calcium supplements…I’ll be worried when you start drinking those old people shakes. What are they called?

    If it helps you look about 25.

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