this is HUGE.

Quite a few years ago, I made a decision that I wasn’t going to start another relationship with a guy without my family’s blessing. This was made after a series of disasters where it was obvious that I wansn’t always the best judge of character. In the meantime, guys have come and gone, but never one has impressed me or my family to the point where it would get serious.


Last fall.

A coworker and friend told me that he liked me. I had my suspicions, but I thought, “He is too shy, he won’t say anything, so I am safe. I can just be friends with him.” Was I ever wrong.

So when he spilled his guts, I explained to him that I wasn’t going to start a relationship until I had my family’s blessing. Well, he asked if he could call my family and ask them, which completely blew me away. I thought he’d run screaming as soon as I would ask him to call my father… I was wrong on this point too.

So, he did. He called and this set off a series of events that brought me to a Tuesday last week,  when Mark asked me if I wanted to start a courtship relationship (which is basically a relationship is ocused on finding out if the other person is someone you want to marry).

I said yes.


And can I say that this was completely worth the wait? I’ve never met anyone quite like this guy.

I hope you get to know him, cause he’s “like the coolest ever.”


11 thoughts on “this is HUGE.

  1. I am sooooo excited for you Jen.
    The wait is so worth it isn’t it!! You did it right and the Lord is blessing you for it!!
    I hope your travels would bring you to this neck of the woods!!
    Love you sweetie xxxx Adrienne

  2. WHAT!? youre courting!! what is this some kind of joke!!!???

    🙂 he he. Love you lots and lots Jen. Im so happy for you I am bursting with happiness. As you could obviously tell by my reaction…


    If you still havent figured out who this is… LOVE ROSIE

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