i am addicted to coffee. well, ok, caffeine.

looking back, i can remember the first time i actually liked coffee. my friend, ryan kawamoto and i were on hawthorne street in portland, oregon. shocked that i didnt like coffee, he dragged me into starbucks and ordered me a mocha. once i tasted that, i was hooked. 

at first, all i could do was drink mochas. soon, it was cups of regular drip coffee with like 5 packs of sugar and 4 creams. 

time passed and soon the sugar in my coffee became less and less. I switched from mochas to vanilla lattes, and then to just lattes.

then i moved to switzerland. i began drinking extremely strong small coffees with cream.

moving back to the states, my drink order became an “americano with room.”

however, since i could usually only find starbucks on all my work travels, i began to have two problems…

a frequent drink order at starbucks is a “grande americano with room.” so people would steal my drink from the bar. also… they don’t use the water from the espresso machine, but a little hot water tap, which in reality is not that hot so by the time i would pour in the cream, my espresso would be lukewarm. 

not optimal.

so to be unique i created my drink:

grande americano with 2 inches of steamed 2%




3 thoughts on “coffee

  1. I think it’s perfectly reasonable to say that you are addicted to coffee without specifying caffeine. I find that even after I’ve decaffeinated myself, I’m drawn back into a coffee habit–not because I want the caffeine buzz, but because of the irresistible fact of how enjoyable the mere act of drinking coffee is.

    My two drinks: Espresso over honey (made at home) or double short cappuccino with caramel drizzle (starbucks).

  2. I have perfected my drink as well! Diet coke and lots of them. If there is a way to inject diet coke directly into my veins I welcome it with open arms.

  3. Hehe!! Isnt it amazing how we specialize our drink orders 🙂 the only problem is atleast for me, because of my new specialized order, it is frequently messed up… or I find myself repeating the order multiple times to ensure accuracey.

    what is my new order you may ask?

    Iced Grande Vanilla Triple Espresso with room

    And yes I have been branching out a little 🙂 I will have to find a new drink soon, as the new cups will be out before long and I will need something to keep me a little more toasty

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