I love it when I have time on my travels to explore the area where I am. Some of the things I found on this past trip:

Princeton, NJ: The Alchemist Pub. The biggest chiken pot pie I have ever eating. I think I only got through about 1/4th of it, but oh was it good…

Ann Arbor, MI: The Dawn Treader Bookstore. I found a first American edition of George MacDonald’s At the Back of the North Wind. To the tune of $850.00. I did not purchase this treasure. Maybe if I win the Lottery.

La Jolla, CA: The Living Room. A great cafe and restaurant. Filled with antique living room furniture and one of the best Club sandwiches I have ever had.



4 thoughts on “exploring

  1. OMG- I am sooo jealous!! It doesnt look super impressive from the outside, but it sure sounds like it had some hidden treasures. So wish I could have been there.. if I ever happen to go to Ann Arbor MI then I will make sure I stop by.. Though it is kind of a random place to visit 🙂

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