A few thoughts on a blustery day

Thought One: Seattle-ites are once again constantly checking the weather and news for any information on this “Storm” that is supposed to his sometime this weekend. I think partly we are just looking for something exciting to break up the usual grey blah rainy weather business that goes on winter after winter. However, the past few winters have really caught some people off guard, especially all the power outages, so I suppose that all this “Storm” talk is warranted. However, I am sure if anyone from the NE or the Midwest was watching our newscasts, they would just laugh at us.

Thought Two: This past week was my first week at Seattle Children’s Hospital. I am sure that I am going through somewhat of a honeymoon phase, but let me tell you that the Mission of an organization really does affect the atmosphere of a company. Working for a place like Children’s whose mission is to provide care for children is so radically different than working for a company whose mission is the bottom line.

Thought Three: Mark is in India for work. I don’t like that he is in India, but am trying hard to trust that God will keep him safe. And I miss him and hope the next week goes by very quickly!


3 thoughts on “A few thoughts on a blustery day

  1. Be assured Jen, the recent Mumbai incident is not the norm in India. I hope Mark gets a chance to experience the colorful, unique culture of India. Which city is he in? I know I’m a bit biased.

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