wedding planning

No wonder people hire someone to plan their wedding for them.

It’s all so overwhelming.

Today, I went with my sister-in-law to the Seattle Wedding Show and joined the crowds of engaged women dragging their groom-to-be or their mother or best friend along behind them… The goal is to move as quickly as possible down the many aisles full of booths, cramming cake in to your mouth with one hand, while the other grabs for brochures, coupons and business cards to fill up your “goodie” bag.

I could really only take about 2 hours of it… I “tried” to meander through the wedding dress sales. I mean, who doesn’t love getting your dress for half the price? But, I just couldn’t do it. It kinda felt like I was drowning in organza, lace and beads.

I think I just need to start with one thing at a time.

As Mark would say, “We got this!”


2 thoughts on “wedding planning

  1. Haha! You go girl 🙂 Its going to be a blast… I just watch part of 27 Dresses the other night, and it made me super happy to be working on another wedding.

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