The era of Facebook has brought a lot of people into my life that I thought I would probably never see again or hear from again… most of them being old classmates from junior high and high school.

Thinking back on what I was like in high school, I just remember being extremely insecure, yet at the same time confident that I could take on the world around me. I realize now, that my insecurity really came from the judgements that I was continually passing on my classmates, who were probably just as insecure as I was.

Have I changed? Don’t I still walk around holding my insecurity in, trying to hide it, thinking that since I’m soon to be 35, I should have dealt with this a long time ago? I still look at people and judge, thinking that I understand them just by looking at them, by interacting with them.

Though Facebook is really not going to give me much more than a glimpse into my old classmates lives, hopefully I can look at them through more mature eyes, seeing who they truly are instead of through those stereotypes I had put them in over 15 years ago.


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