Coastal Adventure

For the first time in my life, I went clamming this past weekend.clam

I acquired a pair of rubber boots, a waterproof hat, waterproof pants and we headed out toward Grays Harbor last Saturday. We arrived just after sunset, so we took a nice moonlit walk on the beach with Mark’s parents. The moon was gorgeous and the air was cold. As J and J had already dug and cleaned their quota for the day, we just took a minute to dig up two clams with the “clam gun.” Lucky for us (we didn’t have our clam license yet), J and J decided to walk back early with the clams and got stopped by the game warden who made fun of them for not catching many clams. We ate fried clams for dinner and played a game called Settlers. A bit of a cut-throat game–I didn’t really do well at all.

The next morning, we got up and drove down the road to get our clamming license. After that, we took a nice long walk through the dunes to a deserted beach where we all pulled out our cameras and took lots of pictures. We flew the kite and chased the waves and all the other beach walking activities that you do. Then back for lunch and packing up the car. After that, it was about time for the main event of the weekend as the tide had finally gotten low enough. We all put on our boots and raincoats and hats, picked up the clamming guns, nets and buckets and headed out to the beach. There were many people out there ahead of us, but no worries, enough clams for everyone!

The goal is to find a little volcano in the sand, where the clam is blowing up air, but watch the waves that come in, or else you will get soaked and your bucket will float away! When you see where the clam is, you put your clam gun down over the hole and push it down. Then you pull it out, shake out the sand, then push down once more. After pulling it out one more time, you quickly put your hand in the hole and grab the clam because just as much as you want him, he is not wanting to be caught, digging as fast as he can down into the sand.

It can be hard to catch the clams, but the time goes fast as you only get 15 clams per day per person. In no time at all, we all had our quotas and we were only partially soaked. We headed back to the clamming room to clean the clams. This was not my favorite part at all, and I just couldn’t do it all because the clams keep moving, even after they are dead. *shiver*

All in all, I’d say that I would go again in a heartbeat!

More Pics HERE.


3 thoughts on “Coastal Adventure

  1. Hi! That’s such a fun story. My dad would take me clam digging when I was 4 or something… all I remember is hating the cold, wet, sandy feel. But there’s a place close to my heart for those beaches, no matter how cold, wet or sandy they are.

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