Saving Money

Here are a few ways I have found I can save money and live within “The Budget.”

1. Use a library to feed my reading habit.

2. Make Coffee at home using a french press, warm milk and a mini “frother.”

3. Take an afternoon and make a bunch of meals to eat for lunch all week.

4. Cook as much as possible.

5. Invite friends over instead of “going out.”

I know that there are a multitude of ways to save money and I look forward to learning them.


4 thoughts on “Saving Money

  1. I like all but #1, just don’t think I can do that one.. I hate to part with a book once I have read it. Though I could stop buying books until I actually read all the ones I own 🙂

    I made a super yummy pasta dish the other night, and was actually excited to take left overs to work the next day 🙂

  2. bravo! When buying books, I ask myself the question, Will I likely read this more than once? If the answer is No or I’m not sure, off to the library I go.

    I bought John a cappuccino maker from Crate and Barrel – it works great – tastes great – cleans up quickly – and saves our budget huge, although it was kind of pricey to start with.

  3. Good list! I know that #2 was a huge issue for our budget for a while. The thing that finally helped us make the switch was when we made a sheet that hung up in our kitchen. Every coffee we made, we listed how much that drink would have cost us at Starbucks. When we saw the figure at the end of the month and compared it to how much we spent on beans and milk. It was over $200 savings.

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