As the day approaches…

There is a flurry of appointments, to-do lists, arrangements to be made, people to communicate with. Yet, despite all the planning, despite all the things I will most likely forget to do, time continues, the clock hands tick and May 9th–only 24 days away–approaches.

I am getting married.

It is something some people look forward to every day of their life, something others regret every day of their life. In today’s society, the choice I am making to enter into a life-long covenant with a man (a GREAT man) is considered risky, foolish and only a good choice when it’s financially and socially convenient.

I can go down to the local Wal-Mart and purchase a T-Shirt, a bride a groom icon on the front, with the line “Game Over” printed on it. Marriage is not held in honor in our country. It’s seen as a old fashioned tradition, a ball and chain, a hold-over from the Victorian era. Why get married when living together is easier and less of a risk?

And yet, I see the elderly couple at the park holding hands. I hear stories of couples dying within minutes of each other. I think of the sacrifices my parents made to stick it out and stay together. I think of their hard work and the many choices to look out not just for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren.

And I think…. No, it’s not “Game Over.”

It’s “Let the Games Begin!”


One thought on “As the day approaches…

  1. You two should invite a 1,000 people and have the preacher mention at least ten times that marriage is designed for one man and one woman. To combat all this nonsense nowadays about same-sex marriages.

    I think marriages (at least nowadays) should be drawn-out affairs lasting for a minimum of 3 days. . .with lots of food and few speeches. . .sort of like Bilbo’s going away party.

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