There is always something to “fret” and “worry” about. However, when it involves a possible job loss/change, finances, money–it always seems worse than the little daily worries like “what do I wear to that party” or “what should I make when the in-laws come over for dinner?”

Right now, we are in the middle of what I can only call, “Job Limbo” ~ which could end up being a great opportunity for Mark, but it can also end up in unemployment for Mark.

This week, I was reminded of the story of Jonah. It’s a great little book about the tension between the sovereignty of God and the free will of Man. Jonah’s attitude is so typical of how I respond to circumstances in my life. When something great happens like a plant growing overnight to shade me from the burning sun, I am so happy! However, when a worm comes and eats the plant, I am “angry enough to die!”

Though times are uncertain, I just need to remember to respond with gratefulness and joy just like the times when everything is so clear. I don’t want to be a Jonah, throwing tantrums when things don’t go “MY” way.

I can “get my hopes up” that this next month can bring amazing blessings and lots of new adventures!


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