You never plan on loss. Its not ever “Plan A”, never the thing you hope for, not a part of the dreaming and scheming phase. It is always unexpected, unforeseen, shocking.

Yet, loss is a part of life. It is in the everyday, the mundane, and once it has happened–never forgotten, never swept under the rug.

Can you have Joy without Sadness? Hope with out Loss? They seem to go hand in hand. Two sides of the coin.

It does seem that we of the human race are very poor at dealing with Loss; we avoid talking about it and we never really know what to say to someone dealing with it, even when we’ve experienced it ourselves.

Ah, but Grace.


One thought on “Loss

  1. I think we all like to be sad sometimes.

    Most people grow hard and indifferent and turn into unemotional dragon-like creatures with thick scales and become obsessive about some trivial matter that is really meaningless from the perspective of eternity. They repress their pain, since they don’t know how to deal with it, and later the inevitable madness sets in.

    Yes, we human people are not good at dealing with Loss…although, I’ve noticed that the old Christian people in the world seem to take it all in stride with a great deal of patience. I want to be one of these people when I’m old.

    But that won’t be for a while.

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