What I Do. What I Don’t Do.

Inspired by Bittersweet by Shauna Niequist.

What I Do:

I spend time with my family: walking around Lake Tye, playing with my daughter Sally, game nights, projects around the house, family meals, just being together. I cook. A lot. I am always trying new recipes, reading food blogs, trying to combine new recipes. I read in spurts, when I get a new book, I like to read it as quickly as possible, often to the detriment of other responsibilities. I photograph things, people… with my phone, with our camera as much as I can. I use cloth diapers for my baby, which means I do laundry, lots of laundry. I play Lego Xbox games with my husband and am working my way through all the seasons of the various Law and Order franchises. I wear my hair in a messy bun almost every day. I like to make shopping lists, look for good deals, and try to store food in my cupboards, in my freezer. I am a food gatherer. I garden, grow food to eat. I organize my house, constantly moving furniture, piles of messes from one room to another, once in a while cleaning out things we don’t use. I Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Gmail, Google+, Pinterest, etc… I meet friends/family for coffee, shopping trips, playdates. I occasionally blog and infrequently write. I listen to music, often the same playlist over and over. I let Sally get messy, enjoy the world around her. I wear scarves, collect hats, shoes and coats. I clean my house, love the smell of clean floors. I Nap, as much as I can. I like finding new coffee shops, restaurants. I travel as much as I can. I spend money on coffee and books.

What I Don’t Do:

I don’t take a shower every day. I don’t keep my child pristine and always presentable. I don’t wear earrings, or very many accessories. I don’t think about clothes or fashion, don’t spend money on clothes or fashion. Washing windows is not a priority at all. I don’t organize my papers, letting them stack up on the desk. I hardly ever dust the furniture. I don’t wear makeup everyday. I never cook Brussels sprouts.  I don’t answer my phone. I don’t return borrowed things, I just keep them in a safe place at my house, feeling guilty every time I look at the items. I never open junk mail. I don’t collect my mail everyday, let it pile up in the mailbox. I didn’t let my kid watch TV until she was least a year old, and even then hardly ever. I don’t remember birthdays and anniversaries very well. I don’t write on everyone’s Facebook wall on their birthday, I’m totally random with it. I don’t scrapbook, very rarely journal. I don’t feel the need to primp before heading to the grocery store. I don’t keep cash in my wallet, because I’ll spend it. I don’t keep up on the latest music or movies, I am completely stuck in the 90’s. I don’t do hipster or even try. I don’t diet. I don’t paint my fingernails. I don’t fold my laundry or put it away for days. I don’t clean my refrigerator, don’t wash my car very often. I don’t get my hair cut hardly at all.


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