Home Again, Home Again.


Having a husband who travels for work is a lot more common now than a few years ago, especially if his field has anything to do with IT. I also know that military families have to deal with much longer absences than we do, but still, three weeks is a long time to be away. Add on the fact that each month he’s gone around two weeks and pretty soon I’ve become a part time mom. It is a challenge. Certain things seem to never get talked about, other things I have to just decide on and trying to remember to communicate everything is hard. When he’s home, we all have to readjust, remember how to do things together, decide together. Thank goodness for our families or else those little things like mowing the lawn just never seem to happen. However, when he is home, the familiarity is gone~every day, every moment with him, with “Daddy” is special and memorable. Sally and I just soak it in and enjoy the moments, making memories that we can pull out and use as fuel the next time he climbs on a plane.


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