My “Favorite” Uncle

For years now, it has been a family joke that my Uncle Dennis Trout is my favorite uncle and that I am his favorite niece. (Really, we are all his favorites, he says it to all of us!) I have been searching my archives to find pictures of him, because my Auntie Linda lost so many of them when her laptop was stolen.

He has been fighting Multiple Myeloma Cancer for the past two years. There is no one who has fought harder while living life with passion than Dennis Trout!

It is amazing to look back and think about the impact one man has had on my life. There are so many different people who have spoken into my life, but he’s truly been someone who has been there for many of the big events in my life.

He was like a lion protecting and praying for me when I was a single girl. I always look forward to his hugs! Some of the best sermons I have ever heard came from the heart and passion of Uncle Dennis ~ Lift the Lid! Auntie Linda and Uncle Dennis were our biggest cheerleaders during our courtship, even when my family wasn’t so sure. They helped Mark “trick” and “surprise” me when we got engaged. Our pre-marriage class with Dennis and Linda was one of the best parts of our engagement, we will never forget those classes and the principles they imparted ~ Let kindness never leave you!  He married us on a gorgeous day, May 9th 2009 with 300 plus witnesses. They have been there during the loss of our two unborn babies and celebrated with us at Sally’s birth!

I love you, Favorite Uncle!


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