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There is a proverb, I don’t know who first wrote or said it, but it goes something like this: Sometimes you need to see the forest for the trees. Perspective. There are those moments in our lives where we realize that we’ve been looking at the forest by looking at the individual trees rather than by looking at it from the overlook on top of a mountain.

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About a month ago, our family had one of those life changing moments. Our fun loving, risk taking, license plate and toothbrush obsessed boy has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). He hasn’t changed; he’s still the same boy. But now instead of looking at just the bark and the¬†roots and maybe a few leaves, now the whole forest is in view and it is all at once overwhelming and beautiful.

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Anthony is just like every other kid, special. He’s just like every other kid; he needs help. However, he’s just going to need a little more help in some areas that are just as easy as breathing air for most, but for him it will require a little more, a lot more effort.

We are so grateful that Anthony is getting some amazing help right away. He’s joined an Autism Early Intervention study at the UW called the Tadpole study. What this means is he gets one on one in home play-based therapy 15 hours a week. He loves it so far and I’ve already seen him saying and doing new things that he wasn’t doing a few days ago.

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If you want more information on what ASD is, here’s a a link to the CDC website with a good definition. If you want more in-depth info about Anthony’s specific diagnosis, email, call, text or come over~ We are a little housebound now for the next year as the study he’s in is a year long commitment, but we love company and I’ve always got coffee, tea or something or other cooking in the kitchen!




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I fell off the wagon…

…of taking pictures everyday. But, I am told by many of you that you enjoy seeing my photos so I thought I would play catch up and share a few that I have taken the past few months…

365 127

Playing with Daddy in his hotel room. We always enjoy visiting Daddy at work!

365 116

Mommy forgot to close the sandbox so the girls enjoyed playing in their “pool.”

365 107

Grandma came to stay and reading at bedtime is a favorite.

365 082

Looking at daddy’s fish tank! And yes, I don’t do my girls hair everyday.

365 053

Minutes after reorganizing their clothes.

365 043

Frustrated a little?

365 034

And even sweet Anthony sometimes has tantrums.

365 003

 Coloring on the chalkboard.

no. 54 of 365

365 148|| He’s pretty much got them wrapped around his little finger. || Anthony Murray || no. 54 of 365 ||


no. 41 of 365

365 002

|| It’s been a while since I posted, so here we are starting from a week or so back… Anthony and Papa Jon, two handsome fellas! || Anthony Murray || no. 41 of 365 ||