|| Elsa, Emily and Casey||

Last week, I spent some time with Elsa and her beautiful family. Their joy and love for each other is so evident in every single shot I took. And the day? Pretty much perfect!Lulu Bird 019 Lulu Bird 041 Lulu Bird 047 Lulu Bird 075 Lulu Bird 104 Lulu Bird 124 Lulu Bird 152 Lulu Bird 225 Lulu Bird 272 Lulu Bird 352


|| Saying goodbye to an old friend ||

I’ve never been asked to shoot a car before, but when Todd called me up on a  perfect sunny day we decided to meet up for a last minute shoot. You see, he was saying goodbye to an old friend, his Jag. So with a little sun, an old red brick road, we captured this beautiful “Kitty Car,” as his daughter calls it. A fun shoot, but also a little sad. Here’s to the memories of a 15 year run!Baker Jaguar 010 Baker Jaguar 024 Baker Jaguar 048 Baker Jaguar 084 Baker Jaguar 102 Baker Jaguar 111

Our House: Before and After

We listed our house this week and it is bittersweet. Almost five years ago we bought a beat up foreclosure with “bad juju” as our neighbor termed it. We transformed the house slowly with a lot of sweat equity and a TON of help from family and friends. Here’s a few before and after pictures to show just how this house was “redeemed” from a dump to a lovely dwelling.








The pictures don’t really do it justice. I truly hope whoever buys this house will love it as much as I do. I will miss its beauty, its peaceful quietness, the wonderful nosy neighbors and the community surrounding it.

I fell off the wagon…

…of taking pictures everyday. But, I am told by many of you that you enjoy seeing my photos so I thought I would play catch up and share a few that I have taken the past few months…

365 127

Playing with Daddy in his hotel room. We always enjoy visiting Daddy at work!

365 116

Mommy forgot to close the sandbox so the girls enjoyed playing in their “pool.”

365 107

Grandma came to stay and reading at bedtime is a favorite.

365 082

Looking at daddy’s fish tank! And yes, I don’t do my girls hair everyday.

365 053

Minutes after reorganizing their clothes.

365 043

Frustrated a little?

365 034

And even sweet Anthony sometimes has tantrums.

365 003

 Coloring on the chalkboard.