Fall Mini Sessions

I had the best time last weekend photographing some lovely people. I am always grateful that my clients let me put them in front of a camera and that they are willing to try crazy things to get a great shot. To all of you, THANK YOU! I love this time of year and look forward to all the new people I get to meet along with catching up with old friends.

Verall-1 Reter-9 Reter-1 Powell 2015-10 Nystrand 2015 184 McAninch 2015-6 Madison Ronning-38 Hoornstra 2015-7 Einav-8 Einav-5


|| Elsa, Emily and Casey||

Last week, I spent some time with Elsa and her beautiful family. Their joy and love for each other is so evident in every single shot I took. And the day? Pretty much perfect!Lulu Bird 019 Lulu Bird 041 Lulu Bird 047 Lulu Bird 075 Lulu Bird 104 Lulu Bird 124 Lulu Bird 152 Lulu Bird 225 Lulu Bird 272 Lulu Bird 352

no. 60 of 365

Boswell 470

|| Taking a picture of taking a picture. || Sally Anne || no. 60 of 365 ||

Uncommon Collective

Uncommon Collective

Uncommon Collective ~alchemy of common ingredients Rustic Nautical Adventure.


I have the amazing opportunity to be a contributor of a new creative collaboration, an online magazine for lack of a better term. Keep it bookmarked for more exciting things are coming!


What I’ve Been Up To.

Now that Christmas is over, I can show you all some people I’ve been spending some time with shooting their pictures! I like to wait until after Christmas to share so I don’t spoil any presents!


Bugher 164 Stephenson 2012 354 RMcAninch 2012 114 Rankin 2012 092 Powell 161 Lopez 556 Lopez 411 Hallstrom 2012 226 Greeson 2012 213 Greeson 2012 102 Greeson 2012 096